The future of events is virtual — or hybrid — whereby remote viewers can participate on their connected device. When you’re putting together an event, whether a conference, product launch, concert, fundraiser or something else, you should consider the benefits of offering a virtual option to your audience. This can be helpful in increasing your sponsorship reach to a global audience, monetizing virtual attendees through a discounted ticket system, or gaining unprecedented insight on attendee data, among other great advantages.

virtual events growth in popularity over multiple decades

And, since your audience probably now expects an online component to your event, as seen by the huge rise in virtual event popularity above, you need to master the art of modern program design. Here are some live streaming tips for holding a successful virtual or hybrid event — let’s take a look.

1) Using social media for advertising 

Remember that social media can amplify before, during, and after the event. Write updates on all your social media accounts. Social media marketing is a terrific way to connect with your present and potential customers. It offers post updates, photos, videos after the event, and details on what’s in store for the future to maintain interest. 

One member of your team should be in charge of posting updates on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (or whatever your preferred social account(s) are) in real-time throughout the event. If you’ve made late registrations available, this sneak peek could convince individuals to join you for the virtual portion of the event. You want them to remember what they did, and writing about it on social media helps them do that and easily broadcast that memory to their friends and acquaintances.

2) Stream your show or performance live for free

Is it really simple to stream live videos of conferences and other events on the web? In many ways, it can be, particularly given the recent live streaming upgrades to several well-known social networking sites. The best part is that it costs you nothing to broadcast a live video feed on a social media site. Another perk is that your post stays live as long as you’d like, so the recording can be viewed later by attendees who may have missed it on event day.

graph of promotion strategies for virtual events

It may take some experimentation to determine which event live streaming service is ideal for your event. Regardless of the path you take, you’ll be helping to keep things moving in a way that pleases everyone involved.

Free live streaming for events is a great method to reach people all around the world. The movement is being embraced by everyone, from influential people and startups to governmental agencies and multinational enterprises. If this is your first time broadcasting live, you may be confused by all the technical details. You can become an expert at streaming live events with sufficient practice.

3) Remember fast, reliable event WiFi & temporary Internet access

It’s difficult to picture the industry today without event WiFi. The desire to always be connected means that even going to a live event is no reason to put your phone away. To meet this requirement in 2023 and beyond, you must establish a wireless Internet connection for your employees, attendees, participants and venue staff. 

Customers have come to expect some sort of free, stable network connection. But, it also assets with things like sales, marketing, and operations by making WiFi available at no cost. Selecting an appropriate ISP is crucial, regardless of the company’s size.

It would help if you prioritized finding a service that meets your needs at a price that fits your budget. You should research all of your possibilities if there are several available to you. Then, pick the fastest possible connection with the right amount of bandwidth for your audienceCheck out the feedback given by actual clients as well. You should avoid getting locked into a contract with a supplier who provides subpar services, such as slow or unreliable internet.

With a solid Internet connection, attendees will have the freedom to post about the event on social media, websites or other digital outlets. Media professionals covering the event also need access to the fast Internet to upload photos and videos to their online platforms.

4) Monetize with pay-per-view (PPV) streaming events

PPV live streaming events have a lot of clouts. You can use them to get your customers involved in your brand or product’s development and build solid communities around those entities. But to effectively and successfully execute a live event, you need to understand who you’re pitching to, what might make a fantastic experience for the customer, and how to leverage tools capable of streaming your event from beginning to end.

Though holding a pay-per-view (PPV) streaming for events can be intimidating, it can provide a spectacularly successful live experience for your viewers. You’ll need compelling material, a solid plan of action, suitable tools, data-driven advertising strategies, and some effort to pull it all out.

paid event example on facebook

PPV streams are only available to a select few, but are becoming more accessible thanks to integrations on existing platforms like Facebook. They are made to attract a sizable audience and, with proper promotion, can garner adequate attention. 26 percent of consumers watch live broadcasts to get entry to VIP-only offers and promotions. In addition to the entertainment value, PPV events provide content that isn’t widely available elsewhere. People are eager to spend money on high-caliber material.

You’re ready to start planning your virtual (or hybrid) event!

When you’re gearing up for a virtual or hybrid event, make sure to keep the above tips in mind while putting your plan in place. In 2023 and beyond, audiences pretty much expect a virtual component to an event or engagement, whether that’s a business conference, music festival, awards show or political event — it’s become commonplace to give those who can’t attend in person access to your content in the digital realm. With many benefits, from a side-stream of revenue to gathering audience data and optimizing pipelines to low-cost marketing strategy, there’s no reason not to implement a virtual or hybrid event into next year’s business plan. If you need help, there are many events companies who specialize in the virtual experience.

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