Project Description

Among the country’s largest free jazz festivals, Atlanta Jazz Festival (AJF) is regarded as one of the largest and most lively. A celebration of jazz music, culture and art begins in April and culminates each Memorial Day weekend with an outdoor concert featuring jazz artists from all over the world. 

Temporary Internet & Event WiFi Project Requirements

  • AJF required WIFI Internet for their outdoor festival in Piedmont Park for three days.
  • The WiFi solution needed to serve the communications team, backstage staff, members of the media, artists, VIPs and sponsors.
  • Estimated attendance each day 15,000 to 25,000 guests.
  • Open area, no trees or obstruction.

Atlanta Jazz Festival - view of crowd and stage

Project Challenges Faced

  • With Covid restrictions lifted and a great weather forecast, the crowd estimation would probably be more than in past years. 
  • The density of people packed would be a drain on all cell towers into the area.
  • They needed a solution that would give them the bandwidth to accommodate all of their stakeholders.

The Solution: High-Speed Temporary Internet Services

Igigo visited the site to analyze the cell towers in the immediate surrounding areas. We found that there was several 5G towers that flanked the park. Testing the signal and bandwidth in the area, we settled on a bond cellular solution. That solution involved a high performing cellular router with eight network cards and high game antennas that are able to boost the signals we get from a cell tower.

We were about to have a solid signal and we had speeds that averaged about 60Mbps down and 30Mbps up. The use of a mesh network gave us the coverage we needed to cover the footprint of the site, the festival staff and backstage could work and keep the festival rolling smoothly. The media was able to upload their video and photos fast. The sponsors activations were running with no interruptions and the VIPs and artists could receive and send emails and surf the web.

Mission accomplished!

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