Project Description

Mayoral Fireside Chat & Common’s Book Signing

On a recent project, the city of Atlanta wanted to live stream a big event — a fireside chat with the Mayor and the recording artist Common at his book signing event at a venue in Atlanta. We contacted the venue to set up a day to come by and test the ethernet connection provided by the venue. The venue could not give us a dedicated line so we tested the internet the day before, and the test showed that the connection was fast and stable. We did have a cellular bonded unit connected as a backup in case the ethernet line signal had problems, which it did not. 

A View Of Our Live Streaming Services

We had a small footprint in the back of the room next to the venue’s audio booth set up. We used three HD cameras, one locked down in the back middle of the room and two manned cameras positioned in the halfway point from the stage. The Roland V-1SDI switcher was used with the fourth signal being a laptop with graphic and supers loaded.  Audio was mixed by the venue with a signal running into our audio mixer so we had some control of the audio going to the stream. We streamed flawlessly to the city’s CDN and website; along with signals to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. 

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