When it comes to live streaming events, a fast, reliable internet connection is crucial. We’ve found, however, that internet charges can quickly put a strain on our clients’ budgets when they’re holding meetings in hotel conference centers. For a one-day, two-hour live stream, we got a quote for over $17,000 for a dedicated ethernet line. That sounds absurd as I write this sentence.

So what did we do? We used our knowledge and came up with a cost effective way to deliver for our client.

But first, let’s dig into why are hotel conference internet charges for live streaming so high? And how can our bonded cellular solution help cut those fees?

Charges and Fees, Why?

Venue internet charges can be expensive for live streaming for several reasons:

Limited competition: Exclusive agreements with ISPs limit competition and allow venues to charge more.

High bandwidth requirements: Live streaming requires a significant amount of bandwidth to ensure a smooth and high-quality experience for viewers. Some venues charge a premium for this level of service, especially if they need to upgrade or maintain their infrastructure.

Dedicated support: To ensure a reliable live streaming experience, venues may need to provide dedicated technical support or network management during the event. This can drive up costs.

Risk and liability: Venues may perceive a higher risk associated with live streaming, as any technical issues could impact the event’s success and potentially damage their reputation. As a result, they may charge more to mitigate this risk.
Monetization: Venues and ISPs may view live streaming as an opportunity to monetize their services, charging a premium for access to their infrastructure.

Business model: Venues may have a tiered pricing model, with basic internet access available at a lower cost and premium services like live streaming at a higher price.

A Viable Alternative

This is where our bonded cellular solution comes in. Our bonded cellular solution uses multiple cellular connections  to create a high-speed, reliable internet connection. This solution allows our clients to stream live content without relying on the venue’s internet infrastructure, thereby avoiding the high fees associated with conference internet access.

Bonded cellular allows us to create a virtual private network (VPN) by combining multiple 5G and 4G LTE cellular connections. This VPN can be accessed from anywhere, and it allows our clients to stream live content without any issues.

Bonded cellular Internet uses 5G and 4G LTE to provide a strong and stable signal for live streaming events

Our bonded cellular solution allows clients to avoid hotel conference internet access fees, which can cost thousands of dollars for a single event. Rather than paying hotel conference internet fees, our clients can pay a one-time fee for our bonded cellular solution.

Furthermore, our bonded cellular solution can also provide a more secure internet connection. With the rise of cyber threats and online security breaches, it is more important than ever to ensure that your internet connection is secure. Our bonded cellular solution can provide a more secure connection by encrypting all internet traffic and protecting against cyber threats.

Conference internet charges and fees are not going anywhere or going down so finding other ways to get the job done is imperative. We launched our bonded cellular solution and we saved the client more that 75% of the cost from the hotel.

Get in touch with Igigo Communications if you are experiencing sticker shock at the venue! Our team provides cost-effective conference internet in the area, so contact us today.