Benefits of temporary internet/wifi for experimental, brand activation and event marketing

By |2024-01-05T19:23:58-05:00January 5th, 2024|Creative, Marketing Tips, Temporary internet|

We've provided temporary internet/wifi for many projects as part of our service offerings. From on-site remote work projects, live streams, festivals and point-of-sale projects we have provided rock solid internet/wifi to our clients. With those projects, I remember brand activations and event marketing from the day.  These three strategies may be closely related but have [...]

Why Are Venue Internet Charges So Expensive For Live Streaming?

By |2023-03-17T14:18:33-04:00March 17th, 2023|Live Streaming Tips, Temporary internet|

When it comes to live streaming events, a fast, reliable internet connection is crucial. We've found, however, that internet charges can quickly put a strain on our clients' budgets when they're holding meetings in hotel conference centers. For a one-day, two-hour live stream, we got a quote for over $17,000 for a dedicated ethernet line. [...]

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