Event WiFi & Temporary Internet

Event WiFi & Temporary Internet

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Event WiFi & Portable Bonded Internet

It is our goal to provide the ultimate portable event WiFi solution for any event, large or small, with our 5G/4G Internet Unit. We provide four bonded active 5G/4G(LTE) simultaneous carriers to maximize performance and redundancy. Fault-tolerance for uninterrupted service, even if one carrier goes down. Hardline LAN port for connecting devices or switches.

For extra backup, you can add an onsite connection to the bonded pool using the WAN port. You can connect up to 100 users at once, all the way through the duration of your rental. WiFi coverage area is 100′ in any direction when positioned at waist height. Set it higher to get even more range. Updateable network name(s) and passwords, optional staff and guest networks. Static IPs are available. No permission needed for the venue with this solution. Great for credit card processing, social media, file transfers back office and more.

temporary satellite internet

Temporary Satellite Internet

The use of satellite bandwidth solutions is ideal for outdoor and remote locations without access to traditional bandwidth sources. Satellite fly-packs are suitable for smaller pop-up events and experiential events requiring up to 15 Mbps of bandwidth. Satellite trucks with a capacity of up to 100 Mbps are deployed across North America in order to meet higher bandwidth requirements.

With every activation, Igigo Communications Internet provides a satellite technician to ensure network uptime. Our network engineering team is available if a comprehensive event IT and WIFI solution is needed. As part of our network monitoring, support, and management services, we will remain on site throughout your event.

Our Event Internet Installation Process


Determine Bandwidth

Bandwidth level determines the quality and speed of your event internet connection. We’ll help you narrow down the right amount for your venue and audience size.


Site Survey

We visit the event grounds beforehand to run Internet diagnostics and pinpoint potential issues. 


Pre-Event Logistics

From pre-event meetings to travel planning, shipping gear and any other logistical work, we’ll make sure everything is set up for your event’s success.


WiFi & Network Installation

Rent our mobile hotspots or have us install short-term Internet — we install the hardware and setup custom network preferences.


Event Internet Support

What happens if your internet experiences an issue? We handle all the technical troubleshooting that may arise on event day.


Post-event Reports

Get actionable audience analytics, usage data and a comprehensive debriefing of your event.

Temporary Event Internet Case Study

Office worker collaborating in venue space.

Temporary event WiFi for remote worksite

When Cherry Street Energy decided to move their entire office to Piedmont Park for the Summer Solstice, they faced a significant hurdle – the park had no internet infrastructure. How could their 40 employees continue their work seamlessly in such a setting? Enter Igigo Communications. In this case study, we delve into how Igigo, using their advanced remote Wifi bonded cellular unit, transformed a venue in the park into a fully functional, internet-enabled office, ensuring Cherry Street’s operations ran as smoothly as ever during their unique two-day celebration. Read on to find out how we made it possible.

Event Internet Case Study

crowd at Atlanta Jazz Festival

Atlanta Jazz Festival – Event Internet Services

Recently, Igigo Communications was tasked with connecting event Internet for the Atlanta Jazz Festival. We set up a stable and fast internet connection for performers, staff and audience members. We used wireless bonded WiFi and a direct ethernet line (DEL) in order to provide the outdoor concert with a consistent signal throughout the entire engagement. See how our team succeeded in providing high-quality internet to this outstanding festival.

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Do you need better event internet?

If you have a static place at your business or church and you need help connecting the dots. We provide consulting, planning, purchasing, installation and training services for your organization to get up and running. Igigo is an award-winning video production company — find out how our live event services creatively capture your story.